Optimal Design Group provides Building Design and Engineering for residential and commercial buildings in the Bay Area since 1987.

  • We do Structural Engineering with emphasis on constructability, cost efficiency and common sense. Most structures have a substantial reserve of strength, which can often be utilized.
  • We do Architectural Design clean simplicity and function come first. We strive to use sustainable principles and green design wherever practical.
  • We do Structural Engineering with sensitivity to Architectural issues and Architectural Design with thorough consideration of Structural implications.
  • We do Tenant Improvement, Property Inspections, Value Engineering, Permit Expediting, Zoning Consulting with integrity and common sense.
  • We do everything fast. There is no time to put things off. Emails and phone calls are returned right away, communications are square and explicit.

We are members of:

Optimal Design Group

101 The Embarcadero, Suite 208
San Francisco, CA 94105
415.441.0809   Fax: 415.723.7185